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A Delightful Trip to Washington State

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Date Visited: July 4 – July 8, 2019.

We went to Washington state for 4th of July holiday. It was a long awaited trip – one that we’ve been planning since last December. We joined four of our friends there and we explored quite a bit of Washington’s cityscape and landscapes.

It was our first time in Washington. We were aware that Washington is usually gloomy and has a fair bit of rain. Thankfully, we didn’t experience any rain until the day we were coming back. The weather had been pleasant and generally nice. 

The focus of our trip this time was Mount Rainier National Park. We were able to drive through the entire park, stopped at some gorgeous locations and stayed the night at a small town called Ashford. 

Our only hike of choice for this trip was the famous Skyline trail. At the trail’s summit, there is supposed to be a gorgeous panorama of Mount Rainier. Unfortunately, the day was too cloudy and gloomy for us to experience anything of that sort. We did enjoy the hike, walking through the clouds and experiencing snow in July. 

This is certainly the first of many trips to Washington to come. It is a beautiful state and we can’t wait to explore more of it.


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